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These faqs are not extensions specific. They simply answer general frequently asked questions relating to the content management system which the extensions run on.

If you get a message that looks like:

PHP Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$created in mysite/components/com_mycomponent/some_file.php on line 148
PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in mysite/components/com_mycomponent/some_file.php on line 148

please read this page:

The important things to notice are:

  1. Notices and warnings are not errors-- they are typically used to help during development to point out possible sloppy bits of code, or to help developers ensure that they've set variables correctly etc.
  2. You probably do not want to be displaying errors/warnings/notices on a production website. Best practice is to set error_reporting to OFF and your log level to Warnings and above.

Please ensure that your error reporting is turned off on your production site. And on a development site, if you know what you're doing and have your error reporting a bit sensitive so you can find errors in your site, don't be overly concerned about Notices and Warnings.

If you get Fatal Errors, then we're happy to help you find a fix. Notices are not really a problem and as of Joomla 3, should be non-existent in Thinkery products.

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