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These faqs are not extensions specific. They simply answer general frequently asked questions relating to the content management system which the extensions run on.

No templates are included with any of our products. This is normal for any Joomla sales-- templates are a totally different type of product than components, modules, etc-- and are not covered under the same licensing rules.

You can apply virtually any standard Joomla template with our products; however, some template designers use non-standard libraries which may affect the way our extensions behave. We recommend first applying a default template to see if problems persist BEFORE posting on the support forums.

We use Rocket Theme templates extensively in our work. The template used in our Joomla 3 IProperty demo site is RT Lumiere. The template used on the Joomla 2.5 IProperty demo site is RT Modulus. The template on the Joomla 1.5 IProperty demo site is RT Affinity. Visit RocketTheme to see other available templates.

There may be occasions where you would like to change the way a Joomla! Extension (such as a Component or Module, whether from the Joomla! core or produced by a third party) is displayed on your site. Of course, you could recode the Extension from scratch, but that may be a bit ambitious for you! Thankfully, there is another way.

The standard output from any Joomla! Module or Component can be overridden by adding code to the html directory of your template. It is also possible to override two aspects of core functionality: Module chrome, and pagination.

Learn More: Understanding Output Overrides How to override output in Joomla Layout Overrides