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IProperty offers many native plugin positions which can extend functionality without the need for code modification. Plugins are a clean, easy way to add extra features and custom touches to your IProperty install without worrying about losing your customizations during upgrades! From simple Facebook 'Like' buttons to complex form tabs and galleries, plugin positions allow any users to bring their IProperty installation a step ahead of the rest.

Sounds good huh? Well, we're here to help! Below you will find all of the current available plugin positions, arguments, and a brief explanation as well as some sample plugins to get you started. Keep in mind, plugin development requires php/Joomla knowledge and custom plugins cannot be supported!

IProperty plugin triggers and arguments (as of IP3.x)

  • onAfterPropertyRequest( $propid , $userid , $post , $settings )

    Triggers event after property request form is submitted (send additional copies, store data, etc -- CRM integration)

  • onAfterRenderAdmin( $user , $settings )

    Triggers event to append to admin IP control panel sidebar (perhaps a simple stats plugin or extended options)

  • onAfterRenderAdminTabs( $user, $settings, $pane )

    Creates a new tab in the admin Iproperty control panel tab pane

  • onAfterRenderFavorites( $user, $settings )

    Triggers event after user favorites display is rendered – user favorites toolbar example
    * Use plg_ip_favoritetools as example

  • onAfterRenderForms( $property , $settings , $pane , $sidecol )

    Creates a new tab in BOTTOM tabbed area of property layout near request form, send to friend, etc
    * Use education, fbcomment, gallery, jomcomment, or walkscore plugins as example

  • onAfterRenderMap( $property , $settings , $pane , $tabheight, $tabwidth, $secondary_accent )

    Creates a new tab in TOP tabbed area of property layout near the thumbnail, map, etc
    * Use currency, google directions, or streetview plugin as example

  • onAfterRenderProperty( $property , $settings )

    Triggers event after property details page is rendered
    * Use fblike or ipsocial plugin as example

  • onAfterRenderPropertyEdit( $property, $settings , $pane )

    Creates a new tab in admin property editing form (Ipreserve reservations tab example)

  • onAfterRenderStats( $user , $settings , $pane )

    Creates a new slider panel in admin IP control panel statistics tab

  • onAfterSaveFavorite( $propid, $user_id, $notes )

    Triggers event after a user saves property to their favorites

  • onAfterSavePropertyEdit( $prop_id, $isNew, $settings )

    Triggers when a property is edited or saved

  • onAfterSendFriend( $propid , $userid , $post , $settings )

    Triggers event after send to friend form is submitted (send additional copies, store data, etc)

  • onBeforeRenderProperty( $settings )

    Triggers event before the front-end property details page is rendered – addthis plugin example
    * Use addthis or google plus one plugin as example

  • onBeforeRenderToolbar( $settings )

    Triggers event before the front-end IP toolbar is rendered – additional toolbars example