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These FAQs are Joomla IProperty specific. For general product and service FAQs, please read the General FAQs found here.


When we built the Front End management functionality into IProperty we realized we had a choice-- to reinvent the wheel and create an entire subscription, payment and membership management mechanism into IProperty, which would either bloat the product or require splitting it into more than one product, or we could partner with existing Joomla subscription management tools.

We chose the latter-- we let the experts do what they know best, like handle account control, expirations, and payments, while we concentrate on adding features and functionality to the real estate product.

At this time Akeeba subscriptions and AEC (Account Expiration Control) both offer support for IProperty.

Within these products you can create various membership levels that include variables like "Max Agents", "Max Listings", "Max Featured", etc. When a subscription is purchased, the Joomla user who bought the subscription is automatically created as an IP Agent and given the appropriate access depending on his subscription level.

At the end of the subscription term, all agents and listings belonging to the account are unpublished, and the user no longer can view or access his listings.