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These FAQs are Joomla IProperty specific. For general product and service FAQs, please read the General FAQs found here.

If when you click a property link and it shows up on the home page, this is due to the site menu structure and the IP route helper. The IP router will attempt to find a menu item to:

  • a) A direct link to the actual property (property view)
  • b) The first category relating to the property (cat view)
  • c) The IProperty 'all properties' view
  • d) The IProperty 'home' view

Meaning, when you click a property link the IP router will try to find a menu item for that particular property. If a menu item to the property is not found, it will attempt to find a menu item to the first category related to the property. If a category menu item is not found for the first related category, it will attempt to default to the IP 'all properties' view, etc, etc

If no related menu items are found, no Itemid will be appended to the link, causing it to default to the current page.

Ideally, you will want to either have a link to the IP home view or all properties in your menu structure. If you don't want the menu item to display on the site, you can create a hidden menu and the route helper will still be able to redirect to a clean page.

To create a hidden menu, use the Joomla menu manager to create a new menu called 'hidden'. Create your menu items, but simply do not create a module for that 'hidden' menu. This will allow the route helper to find related items, but not actually show them on the site!