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question to understand SEF URL

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9 years 4 months ago #37412 by f36e133fdffa5a8c64a995d0d432a6ba
f36e133fdffa5a8c64a995d0d432a6ba created the topic: question to understand SEF URL

This is some what of a feature request. Excepted that i don't know much about SEF urls.
I understand that one of the major key point is that you can not have 2 identical SEF URLs or Joomla will not know which one to point at (unless you use something lie sh404sef).

And it's true that if you just use joomla core SEF, the IP URLs of property are not the prettiest.
You get

My first idea is that i found the chances very slim on a real estate site to have 2 properties or more with the exact same title with in the same category/subcategory.
So why not have:

My second idea, why can't we just have a clean URL and add the ID at the end as follow:
That way, we would have clean and SEF URLs while making sure URLs are unique since they have the property id in it.
And i'm pretty sure even if you have "id-xxx" at the end before the suffix ".html" will penalize you with search engine.
Search engine are smart, very very smart. So having an id and a numb should not affect anything as the title is clear.

And that way we would not need a 3rd party extension to manage all these. And that would also speed up the website as the less component, plugin, module are enable and working to generate a page, the faster the website will load.

If you add meta keywords and description for IP category (although it can be done via the menu if you have any) would really mean you don't need sh404sef anymore as everything else can be manage by default with either joomla or IP.

@IP team: feel free to explain please as i do not know the technical implication.
@everybody: let us know what you think, i'm curious to know if i'm missing something or making sense.


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