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Popular properties with random option.

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9 years 3 months ago #37994 by f36e133fdffa5a8c64a995d0d432a6ba
f36e133fdffa5a8c64a995d0d432a6ba created the topic: Popular properties with random option.
Hi IP team,

Following comments on another thread, i would like to bring the following suggestion and would love to hear what other think about it.

The problem with popular properties module, like other module retrieving popular element like articles etc, is that once a property appears as a popular property, it often stays popular since people view it instinctively (the human brain is easily influenceable), therefore the same properties tend stay "THE" popular properties.

So i was wondering if adding an option to display random properties coupled with a "threshold" setting. The idea is to be able to display X amount of popular properties, display them randomly but within a threshold of X amount of properties.
Which would translate for example by:
Display 5 popular properties randomly within the 20 most popular properties. That way we have a potential of 20 properties being viewed, thus increasing the chance to have more popular properties being displayed. As opposed to always have the same 5.

And maybe adding a setting to filter the popular properties by category or city or something else. That way you could have on the home page the site wide popular properties (if you'd like) but also have the ability to display popular properties of a specific category or city for example.

In a real world scenario: if i'm interested and browsing houses in city X, why would i see a popular property being a loft in city Y; simply because it's been viewed the most.
That way you can target your audience with more relevant properties. And it does not change the fact that you are displaying popular properties. You just display targeted ones.

I am by no mean, say that i am 100% right; so i'm inviting any one to give their thoughts. It's usually the best way to move forward, no?


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