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Countdown display till release date

12 years 9 months ago - 12 years 9 months ago #5731 by migus
migus created the topic: Countdown display till release date
Hi, there.
I noticed that the members of my team become more responsible and productive when they see amount of days left until the project release date. Especially when they see how flowing seconds. So, I made the countdown display & want to share it here.

It's a simple hack. For implementation the code must be inserted in default.php in folder:
between lines:

<td width="25%" rowspan="3" style="border-left: solid 1px #ccc;" valign="top">
<div class="right_details">
<span class="content_header"><?php echo JText::_('RELEASE DATE'); ?>:</span><br />
<?php echo ($this->project->release_date != '0000-00-00') ? $release_date->toFormat('%a %d %b %Y' ) : '--N/A--'; ?>
//put here my code with script
<div class="right_details">
<span class="content_header"><?php echo JText::_('CONTRACT FROM TO'); ?>:</span><br />
<?php echo ($this->project->contract_from != '0000-00-00') ? $contract_from->toFormat('%d %b %Y' ) : '--N/A--'; ?>

The code with script in attached files: option for English and Russian (a little difference in plural forms :cheer: ).

Attachment not found

Last Edit: 12 years 9 months ago by migus.

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