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These FAQs are Work Force specific. For general product and service FAQs, please read the General FAQs found here.

So, you've upgraded from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 and need to transfer your WF data from your old site to the new? Well, it's easy! Here's how to do it - assuming you have already installed a fresh installation of WF on your J2.5 site:

  1. Backup your WF1.5 data on your J1.5 site using the built in WF back up feature
  2. Copy your 'media/com_workforce' folder from your J1.5 installation and replace your J2.5 site 'media/com_workforce' folder
  3. Go into the J2.5 site's WF admin 'restore' view and you will now see your backup file that you created from your J1.5 site
  4. Select the back up file and if the db prefix on your J2.5 site is different from your J1.5 site, enter the J2.5 db prefix in the 'DB prefix' field
  5. Click the toolbar 'Restore' button and WF will make the necessary changes to import your WF1.5 data into your WF2.0 tables.

And that's all there is to it! If you have problems or questions, please post them in the appropriate WF support forum. Thanks!