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2nd Email

6 years 9 months ago #36121 by quailbb
quailbb created the topic: 2nd Email
I need the steps to add a second email address to WF for example like Phone2/Ext and Street2 - please. I'm not very experienced w/PHP but can dabble in the backend with instructions. Is this possible?? B)

Thank you!

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6 years 9 months ago #36122 by vinny
vinny replied the topic: 2nd Email
Hi - I see your support subscription expired a while ago, so I'm assuming this is regarding WF2? The same idea applies in WF3, but here's what you'll need to do:

1. Add the new field to the #__workforce_employees table via your phpMyadmin or db interface
2. Edit the admin and front end 'com_workforce/models/forms/employee.xml' files and add your new field (You can copy the email field and change the name to whatever you named your db field -- i.e 'email2')
3. Add the field to the admin 'com_workforce/views/employee/tmpl/edit.php' and front end 'com_workforce/views/employeeform/tmpl/edit.php' files. (Again, copy the email field for reference and change the name to 'email2')

At this point, your new 'email2' field should be saving in the db -- now you just need to edit your front end template files and display the 'email2' where you'd like. Use the other fields as reference depending on the view -- for example, to display in the employee details view you would edit the 'com_workforce/views/employee/tmpl/default.php' and display the email2 field like:

echo $this->employee->email2

Without an active support subscription we can't support this, but hope it helps!

Vinny - The Thinkery
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