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SEF Urls

6 years 1 month ago #42053 by sarrene
sarrene replied the topic: SEF Urls
Well, i have done some basic testing...
Back end editing: no errors or anomalies
Front End Editing: no errors or anomalies
URL: Shows a user number before, but works without errors.
... triadgames.com/component/workforce/employee/1-odayin

Is this number editable or ability to remove it? Or is this similar to joomla's articles and cats?

If I find anything else that comes to mind or any errors, I will be sure to report them. Anything else you think i aught to be testing right now?


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6 years 1 month ago #42054 by sarrene
sarrene replied the topic: SEF Urls
Good morning,
I found one error so far that was not present (or did not find previously) prior to the php file. I am not sure it is honestly related to this or not, though I am now getting my developers to modify their pages.

1) editing a page and going to upload an image, the pop up window reloads the entire site in that small window. This is able to be replicated on our site. it occurs on all browsers we have (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari.)

2) If you go to select a current image, the following warning is displayed:
Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/xxx/public_html/components/com_workforce/router.php on line 154

Both of these occur with my template as well as the default protostar and on any browser we are using. I have gone through and disabled plugins, and most of the normal things. I may have missed something though.

If I find anything else out, I will let you know.

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6 years 1 month ago #42121 by vinny
vinny replied the topic: SEF Urls
Hi Sarrene - thanks for your feedback. I've attached an updated router file to replace the existing one, so this should fix the image upload issue. Regarding the number in front of the employee/department yes this is similar to the Joomla articles and categories; there's not much to do about that other than create redirects in the admin redirects manager (but this kind of defeats the purpose of the automatically generated urls!).

Just let us know how the new file works for you -- just replace your existing 'com_workforce/router.php' with the attached (unzipped). Thanks!

Vinny - The Thinkery
Good reviews on the JED make us work harder :) | IProperty | Work Force | Report Card

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6 years 1 month ago #42124 by sarrene
sarrene replied the topic: SEF Urls
Hello! I had figured the numbers was similar. It is not a problem, just was curious. :)
The new router has fixed one side of things. We can now select a current image in the workforce directory. However, I am still getting the same effect when I try to upload.
I had tried large and small (icon) images (just in case it was an odd php issue on my end), tried default template (protostar), disabled modules, disabled plugins. And I tried a combination of the two previous.

Might there be something I am forgetting on my end? Oh, I also purged the cache :) If there is anything else I can do on my end to try to find the bugger, let me know. May be something in the combination of my own system that can be causing the conflict. I have found one js error, but that is the s5 template (mobile responsive bar). So changing to default should fix that yes? I cannot find any other errors anywhere, though i am only one set of eyes. No errors regarding workforce, least in the front end and server logs. So that much is good!

As always, thank you for the wonderful support!


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